BÈL Monique's January 2018 issue

Fena Fenelon of Sofenomenal Designs & Images was hired as BÈL Monique's new Editorial graphic designer. The image above is the cover of April's upcoming issue.  To see more of her work with BÈL,  subscribe to BÈL Monique's digital magazine. 

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6 IG Inspo's

In BÈL Monique's February 2018 issue, we featured some romantic looks for your everyday queen. To see the feature, click the button below. Layout by Fena Fenelon of Sofenomenal/Editorial Graphic Designer for BÈL Monique Magazine. (Photography NOT BY SOFENOMENAL)


fenty frenzy beauty must have feature for BÈL Monique's may 2018 issue

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Meet Fena Fenelon...

BÈL Monique interviews their new Editorial Graphic Designer. Want to read the article, click link to be directed to the BÈL Monique's site. 


exclusive interview with beyonce's lead backup dancer saidah Nairobi.

BÈL Monique had an opportunity to exclusively interview the talented dancer and talk about her new book. To see the feature, click the button below. Layout by Fena Fenelon of Sofenomenal/Editorial Graphic Designer for BÈL Monique Magazine. (Photography NOT BY SOFENOMENAL)


MILLI MOGUL MOVES | FENA FENELON, CEO OF SOFENOMENAL DESIGN & IMAGES. (click button to be redirected to article/feature)

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Omarion "word  for word" music video premeire

Fena Fenelon had an opportunity to create a Snapchat filter for Omarion's EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE [event] held at the Downtown Independent Theater in LA, California in July 2017 for his self directed music video "Word for Word". The graphics designed were used for the photobooth.


Interview with boston voyager

My story started with me getting fired from my job of four years on March 9, 2017… just 3 days shy of my 32nd birthday and I kid you not, the moment I heard “we’re going to have to let you go” I felt so free... (click button or the rest of the article)


“It’s so strange but what motivates or who motivates me I’ve never met before. What motivates me are the thousands of black and brown girl either suppressing their artistic gifts or don’t know they can make their gifts into a career. Growing up, being a Haitian-American, the only career options presented to me were lawyer, doctor, nurse, engineer. I actually wanted to be a lawyer and that was because of my fictional influence, Claire Huxtable. She was a mom, a career woman and she looked good doing it all. Got into Suffolk University which had an amazing law program and though my grades were great, I wasn’t feeling it. I knew in my heart that I wanted to help people; not to say that I wouldn't have been able to help as a lawyer but there needed to be more outside of the office/firm. Fast forward to 32 year-old Fena, where now I’m freely creating and helping start up businesses and teaching and doing workshops with youths on Boston on photography and graphic design. My motivation is my potential influence for this current and future generation especially in a world saturated by  LHH and other shows as such….No disrespect. …….“