Now that it's back to life and reality and I have completely caught up on all my Zzzzz's, I decided to post a lil' summm summm (Where Maxwell at? lol) . So much happened that I can't really say or type everything I want to say. it's one of those   "you had to be there to see it" situations/adventures but thank the heavens for the power of social media and the "save" button. THAT'S RIGHT...the next best this is Snapchat.

Several weeks ago, I was able to show you all how myweekend went (NYC :Hennypalooza/Afro Punk (Snapchat Attack) just by re-snapping (I think this defeats the whole purpose of "snapchatting" by resnapping *awkward silence*)

Anyways...It's so easy to capture events using the snapchat app so below I have several pics and a video from my eventful weekend with my homegirls from College (Delilah and Vall...MEOW) and some other beautiful ladies at the Made in America Music Festival.


Enjoy :)

(Click on image to enlarge)

(Click on image below to play video)

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