NYC :Hennypalooza/Afro Punk (Snapchat Attack)

Where do I begin?

This past weekend was, I kid you not, action filled. When I say Brooklyn was poppin' this weekend, IT.WAS .POPPIN'.

Several months ago, I stumbled upon a blog titled "I Don't Do Clubs" and this blog listed a whole bunch of activities that aren't in a "club setting" which I really appreciate becasue I honestly don't do clubs.

This year (summer), I really wanted to do more festivals and block parties and the two events that grabbed my attention were both on the same day (TURN UP) which was of course, Hennypalooza and Afro Punk. It was my first time going to both and I must say that this past weekend has been a complete experience...a successful one at that. I met a lot of people who traveled for the two events and the vibes were dope.

I Snapchatted (I'm not sure if that's a term lol) the entire weekend and I must say that these two events will definitely see me again. Hennypalooza offered the great music and of course...HENNY (the best part in my opinion). I was able to meet really interesting people and some traveled as far as Denmark to partake in Hennypalooza. 

Afro Punk displayed a whole community, filled with unity. The vibe and the energy at Afro Punk was just unreal; from the shops, and music and even down to the activist movements, everything was just amazing.

Here are some Snapchat pics and a video of all my Snapchat videos (YouTube) from the weekend and see you all next year at these events (I think everyone should go to these events)

Snapchat: sofenomenal

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