Fictional Elegance


Never thought I would ever say this but, times have really changed.

Growing up, I watched shows like The Cosby Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where there were very influential women on these shows that were not only successful and hard working; Claire Huxtable and Vivian Banks were supportive and loving mothers and wives and I grew up wanting to be just like them.

Of course they were fictional characters (DUHHHHH)  but they were examples for me as a young girl. Wanting to get an education, have a great career, get married, have children, carry a household, etc and doing all that with grace. Girls are meant to grow up into LADIES...WOMEN. Nowadays, society and pop culture does not exemplify that at all. Where are the Claire Huxtable's and Vivian Banks's in today's media?

We've got shows like Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives and the oh so ratchet of them all, Love and Hip Hop NYC, ATL and now Hollywood and though the antics may be entertaining to a lot of viewers (including myself at times) but where is the substance? These women on these shows were once little girls that grew up to be BIGGER GIRLS. It's sad and its gone from the television to our Instagram timelines and Facebook news feeds.

Media is making matters worse and I don't know about you, but I personally plan on continuing on being an asset to the generation.

What are your takes?

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