"You're So Much More Than A Number"

But WHYYYYY do we stress so much over what the scale says? Does the the positioning of the dial really define or determine the kind of person you are? Do the numbers really matter?

Paying attention to the scale will cause an individual to feel insecure and regret. You start saying, "Man, I shouldn't have had that cookie" or "I wish I didn't eat that extra meal" and "I shouldn't have gone out last night"...LISTEN TO ME...Life happens. We're HUMANS! NOT rabbits, in a cage on a strict carrot and water diet (though if I were to be on a "rabbit diet", I'd be at my ideal physical goal months ago lol).

You're going to have cravings and you will have urges to want to indulge and eat food that is not considered to be "clean" (don't necessarily care for the term "clean eating" but that's for another blog post), so when you don't have those urges, Get it Eat it and Enjoy it....with no regrets....now that I'm done with my rant, now lets get back to the subject at hand...


The numbers on your scale, the number size on a tag on a piece of apparel ... Don't let those "numbers" discourage you. If you are on a journey to lose weight, gain weight, tone or whathaveyou, be patient because changes are happening whether you see them of not. Your health will increase, your endurance will last longer and your confidence will rise.


To you this may just be a number but for me I see victory. THIS is or was my starting weight before I started my weight loss journey. At the time, this too was just a number for me. Not realizing what THIS number was harmful to my health.


It wasn't because I didn't love myself or wasn't happy but because I loved my family and friends to make more memories with and I loved my future husband and children and wanna grow and build with them. My confidence may have enhanced (just a smidge), my curves may be coming in right, I may have bones popping out in places I didn't know I had, my health that I was able to take back was my ULTIMATE REWARD. You can ask me how much I weigh or what my ideal weight is and my response will be, "who cares!?" Cause THIS number doesn't matter. Health matters.


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