Yeah, It's Kind of Personal.

Yesterday, October 13, 2014 (Columbus Day), I participated in my jobs annual 10k run for women. This year was my second year participating in the race and today, being the day after the race, I wonder why I even agreed to it. OUCH!

I was particularly excited about this race this year for two reasons.

  1. I've been running more this past year and have been able to last a little longer on the pavement, and
  2. It was my first official run after having and beating cancer.

So yeah... this was very personal for me.

I was able to run a good amount of the race without stopping but when I would take my breaks and walk, it allowed me to really pay attention to my surroundings.

I realized that all the women and men that were in front of me, along side of me and behind me all had a personal reason or a purpose as to why they were running or walking this race.

For some, the purpose was for mere sport. The enjoyable sensation of the sole of the sneakers hitting the pavement...but for many, they were running for a sister, a mother, a friend. Seeing the runners running past me with the back of their shirts reading "I'm running this race for _______________" or "I'm running the extra mile for _____________" and a couple "I miss you's" made me realize how much deeper this race was.

Others, like my friend Jheanell, the purpose was the test of strength.

Just like me, Jheanell started running this past year; something we both viewed as a challenge at one point. She faced this challenge and now running has become a part of her regiment. Able to do 6+ miles straight yesterday, has, in a sense amazed her because she didn't know if she had it in her to run the entire way. The ability to running her longest distance ever.

Many like Jheanell and myself, have hurtled workout challenges and failed time and time again ...whether to achieve weight loss, gain muscle or to simply build endurance. Women and men of different shapes and sizes and backgrounds yesterday were not only fighting to finish the race but fighting against the "nay sayers" and the negativity that they've heard from others and even ourselves. Again...this race was deeper.

And those, like me, who weren't certain if they would see another day, or another year, yet alone, run this race; able too prove that death and sickness has no victory over us. Many who have overcome conditions and diseases crossed that finish line yesterday not only to "complete" or finish the race but that same finish line also signified that "we're still here and we're STRONGER".

"Start strong. Finish STRONGER"... talk about a very fitting tag line.

Route of the 10K race

Route of the 10K race

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